School Information

Clayton North Primary School was officially opened in 1865. It started out with some passionate community members who wanted a great education for their children in a pristine environment.

Nothing has changed.

In 150 years, our determination to ensure every child has access to a vibrant, interesting, and expansive education has only grown stronger.

We are proud to celebrate our diversity and our unity. With languages and experiences from all around the world, the one thing that draws us together is education that excites us.

Our Mission

To provide a dynamic learning environment that engages students and community  to achieve their full potential through critical thinking, communication, citizenship, collaboration, creativity and character to become future, courageous leaders of a sustainable and global society.

Clayton North Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum which is based on the Victorian Curriculum.

At Clayton North Primary School we focus on teaching individual students with a focus on improving their Literacy and Numeracy skills.

Student wellbeing is an important issue underpinning all school programs. The school community encourages high standards of behaviour based on cooperation, respect, mutual responsibility and self discipline and actively promotes harmonious student relationships. A comprehensive wellbeing program is consistently implemented by all staff and is strongly supported by our parent body.


All our classrooms are large and well equipped. Specialist programs are conducted in Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Japanese. In addition, a camping program, and inter school sport are provided for middle and senior students.

Intensive swimming programs and visiting sports organisations provide coaching sessions that complement our Physical Education and Health curriculum. The spacious playgrounds are well established with plenty of shade areas provided by established trees, extensive use of shelters and shade sails over the junior and senior playground equipment, large sandpit and large oval area.