School Information

Clayton North Primary School was officially opened in 1865. It started out with some passionate community members who wanted a great education for their children in a pristine environment.

Nothing has changed.

In 150 years, our determination to ensure every child has access to a vibrant, interesting, and expansive education has only grown stronger.

From strawberries to robots, footy to Nihongo: CNPS is a school of passionate community members striving to provide the best educational experiences we can to the 320 students at our school.

We are proud to celebrate our diversity and our unity. With languages and experiences from all around the world, the one thing that draws us together is education that excites us.

Our Mission

To provide a dynamic learning environment that engages students and community  to achieve their full potential through critical thinking, communication, citizenship, collaboration, creativity and character to become future, courageous leaders of a sustainable and global society.