Personalised Learning Approaches

At CNPS we ensure each and every child is learning at a standard and in a manner that will maximise their chances of successful, sustained and enjoyable learning. 

Teachers keep close track of each child's progress through a combination of observations, open-ended assessment tasks, in-class tests, and standardised tests. Techniques such as group and individual conferencing and individual goal-setting involve students in shaping the challenge of their learning journey.  

Students are frequently given the option of expressing and sharing their learning in a manner that is most reflective of their strengths, skills and interests: whether that be in speaking to the class, creating a video or printing a 3D model. 
Indoor and outdoor environments are designed to enhance the learning experience for all students and to pique their curiosity.

With a maginificent Environmental Science program conducted in a huge edible garden, students have every opportunity to apply their learning in ways that are meaningful to them. 

Anything is possible when the teachers and students work together to make learning joyful.