Student Wellbeing

At Clayton North Primary School we are proud members of the Kids Matter program. This is an initiative to support schools throughout Australia create healthier, more positive environments in which students may learn and grow. Kids Matter focuses on 4 key areas for schools to develop: Positive school community, Social and emotional learning for students, Working with parents and carers and Helping children with mental health difficulties. At CNPS we have gradually been developing strategies to grow in these areas, working harder to invite meaningful parent and community participation in the school and to ensure all students feel confident to take risks and make the most of opportunities in the school. 

Creative Play Space
One of our current innovations as part of our student well-being program is the development of a creative play space. This area is quickly becoming a space for children to come and express themselves through creative, constructive experiences. There are many tools and pieces of equipment available for students to come and start making something new. Through working together, recycling common household items, and supporting students to learn how to reshape their own environment, students can grow in confidence and have a fun, creative experience. Students are always supervised when they are in the creative play space. 

Parent Room
Our warm and inviting parent room is a space for parents to wait for their children at pick up times, get to know one another and engage with what is happening throughout the school. Computers are available for parents to use if they need to check emails or book a parent-teacher interview. 

We also use this space to conduct parent forums throughout the year, providing parents with information about new developments in the school and advice around how to help your child at home.

Kids Matter Information