Enrolment for International Students

Information for Families Migrating to Australia and Wanting to Study at CNPS
Moving to an Australian school
The change in school systems can be a big shock for parents and students. At CNPS we try to help your family settle quickly into a new school system. Some things you should know: We do not have government exams that you are required to pass to move into the next year level - assessment of students is done by teachers throughout the year.

You will receive a school report in July and December that outlines your students growth. 

The school year runs from January through to December. The year is broken into 4 school terms with holiday breaks in between each term. New students can enter the school at any time of the year. 

All children with a language background other than English will be supported by strategies, teachers and resources that will ensure their success in adapting quickly to school life in Australia. We have intensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes for students with very limited English upon arrival.  

Some families may be eligible for 6 months study in a language school (such as Blackburn English Language School) upon arrival in Australia. For families who are eligible, this is something we highly recommend you consider for your child's future success and confidence.

Visas and formal application processes
Depending on your visa status, you may be required to enrol in school through different methods. 

Whichever visa you have, you can contact the school directly and our office staff will direct you to either complete our enrolment processes or to contact the International Student unit. You can also contact the International Student unit directly through the link on this page. 

When you contact the International unit you will be asked to nominate more than one school in order of preference. CNPS cannot guarantee that the International unit will enrol your child at our school but most families who have us as a first preference do get placed here. 

Waiting for your enrolment
CNPS staff cannot speed up or change the procedure for enrolment through the International unit. We cannot check on application status or make estimates about the probability of acceptance. As a general rule, families are contacted the same day as schools when a decision has been made as to whether or not your application has been successful.