Learning mathematics should never be dull or repetitive. Teachers at CNPS ensure that learning in mathematics is personalised, meaning that students are given work that is suitable for their level of learning.

We also ensure that mathematics is applied to the real world so that students use concrete materials and digital technologies to see maths come to life! Learning occurs both indoors and outdoors, so a maths lesson will often shift into our garden, basketball courts or oval for a memorable lesson. 

"The education system must ensure that students not only acquire knowledge, but also learn how to apply and adapt this knowledge to a variety of contexts."
        - Report from Australia's Chief Scientist.
Teachers prepare lessons in mathematics using the AusVELS curriculum and a school-wide inquiry curriculum planner. Learning tasks such as designing a 3D model, writing a computer program to use temperature or light sensors, or crafting a scale model help to develop student understanding of mathematical concepts in real-world applications.

All students in the school have an individual learning plan (ILP) that is developed by teachers in consultation with students and parents and ensures that all students are working at a level that challenges them.