At CNPS we use the CAFE Literacy and Daily 5 strategies to organise our daily literacy lessons. We are passionate about reading so we have filled our classroom spaces with their own libraries and even treehouses for students to snuggle up in while they read! 

Students conference regularly with their teachers and are assigned reading strategies that will help them first learn to read and then read to learn.They work closely with teachers to select books that are high interest but also at an appropriate reading level for the child. 

C :  Comprehension
A:   Accuracy
F:   Fluency
E:   Expanding Vocabulary
In the early years students will work through high frequency words called M100W words (Magic 100). As students learn how to read, spell and use these words, teachers will assign them more difficult words to master.

For students who come to CNPS with little or no English experience, we have a dedicated EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher who will cater a program to accelerate your child into communicating, playing and learning in English. 
As students get older, more advanced communications skills and activities are incorporated into the literacy program, including a Live TV Broadcast that is researched, filmed and produced by students for students!