School Uniform

School Council is responsible for developing and reviewing the dress code in close consultation with the school community to ensure:

  • the code reflects the values of the school community
  • there is a balance between the rights of individual students and the best interests of the whole school community
  • deciding annually if amendments or a full review of the dress code are required

The purpose of the Dress Code is to:

  • promote a sense of identity and pride
  • cohesion and good order in the school
  • allowing all students to feel equal
  • preventing bullying and competition on the basis of clothing
  • ensuring students’ appearance reflects the expectations of their school community
  • enhancing the profile and identity of the school and its students within the wider community
  • strengthening the spirit of community within the school
  • enhancing individual student safety and group security
  • ensuring all students are dressed safely and appropriately for school activities
  • encouraging students to develop pride in their appearance
  • preparing students for the expectations of workplaces
  • encouraging students to present themselves appropriately for a particular role


  • The wearing of school uniform is compulsory for all students.
  • Children are expected to wear a broad brimmed sunhat, legionnaires cap or bucket hat from September to April.
  • Children will wear appropriate and safe footwear. Open toed footwear is not permitted.
  • Jewellery should be limited with special consideration given to the safety aspect.
  • Parents should name all articles of clothing for identification purposes.
  • Parents will provide a written note each time their child is out of school uniform.
  • Section 16(1)(c) of the Education and Training Regulations 2007 states that the principal of a government school may determine the consequences to be imposed on a student for not wearing the school uniform in accordance with any determination of the school council on school uniforms, but the principal must be satisfied that the student's failure to wear the uniform was because of the student's disobedience, that the consequences must be reasonable and that the dress code policy has been brought to the attention of the students and parents.
  • The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995 requires that students are not discriminated against (directly or indirectly) on the grounds of personal characteristics such as age, disability, gender identity, physical features, race, religious belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 Authorises the school council to develop and implement a dress code that covers any matters which a school council considers appropriate in relation to:
    • clothing and other items worn, carried or used
    • grooming
    • physical appearance and the general presentation of students.
  • Parents will have the option of purchasing shorts or track suit pants from a supplier of their choice, provided the garments are the same colour as the official school uniform.
  • Uniforms must be worn to all school excursions.

The approved school uniform for Clayton North Primary School is as follows:

  • Polo shirt, short sleeve, orange with embroidered logo
  • Polo shirt, long sleeve, orange with embroidered logo
  • Bottle green shorts
  • Green and white check summer dress
  • Plain white or black socks
  • Windcheater, bottle green with embroidered logo
  • Bomber jacket, bottle green with embroidered logo
  • Open hem windcheater, bottle green with embroidered logo
  • Track pants, bottle green with zip pocket/reinforced knee
  • Straight leg track pants, bottle green with zip pocket
  • Bootleg pants (girls), bottle green with zip pocket
  • Skorts, bottle green
  • Bike shorts (to wear underneath girls dresses), bottle green
  • Pinafore/Winter tunic, bottle green
  • Polo fleece beanie, bottle green
  • School hat: choice of wide-brim, bucket or legionnaire style, bottle green with embroidered logo
  • Green and white check scrunchie or hair ties to match hair colour.
  • Bottle green hair band



Our Uniform supplier is PSW. A link to their webpage can be found here


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