Specialist Programs

English as an Additional Language
Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program supports students from all backgrounds with a language other than English. With a dedicated teacher and extensive teacher professional development for all CNPS teachers, newly arrived students to Australia have every opportunity to succeed and grow from the moment they walk through the gate.


Performing Arts and Music
Performing arts and music is taught by teachers trained in the Musical Futures approach to teaching. Students all learn to play a range of musical instruments and can choose to become members of the school's band, performing at assemblies and on the open-air stage at school events.


Visual Arts

Our visual arts program is housed in its own red-brick building in the middle of the school. It is the hub of creativity in school, incorporating use of the kiln, 3D printer and more traditional mediums that allow students to experience true self-expression.

For many years, CNPS has been teaching Japanese as a second language for all students from Foundation to Year 6. Innovative approaches such as video links with our sister school at Wakayama University; CLIL teaching approaches that fuse Science with Japanese; and extensive use of technology in lessons distinguishes our Japanese language program from all others.

Physical Education
Physical Education at CNPS incorporates a huge range of experiences for all students. Traditional activities such as athletics, cross country and swimming are coupled with AFL 9s with the Richmond and North Melbourne Football Clubs, Basketball with the Dandenong Rangers and Hot Shots Tennis at lunch time. Every child will get active and get involved at CNPS.
Environmental Program
The school has an extensive environmental program that includes lessons in sustainability, encouraging student-led projects to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to embed sustainability in everything we do.  In our extensive garden, students plant, grow, harvest and cook from the vegetable garden. They also participate in a hatching program and care for our chooks. Students can choose to be a Green Team member, too, promoting the school's Nude Food and composting programs.
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. In this area students are being challenged to develop their skills across these disciplines to better equip their skillset for the 21st Century.

During STEAM sessions, students have the opportunity to develop their skills in coding and programing, 3D designing and printing, as well as continue to build a solid base knowledge of science in order to be able to solve future problems that may face their adult life and the world.