School Banking Program

Good saving takes practice.  So to help your child develop good saving skills, you can choose for them to be part of Clayton North’s CommBank School Banking program.  Here’s how it works:

  • Children are encouraged to save a little money each week and bring it to school on their designated School Banking day.
  • The money is deposited into their Youthsaver account (see below) and they can track their progress towards their savings goals in their School Banking Dollarmites deposit wallet, or digitally via the CommBank Youth app.
  • Each time your child makes a deposit at school, they’ll receive a Dollarmites token.  Once they collect 10 Dollarmites tokens, they can redeem them for a reward at school. 


Getting started

If you’d like your child to take part in School Banking, they’ll need a Youthsaver account.  Designed for anyone under 18 years of age, this account has no monthly fees or withdrawal fees. There are three ways to open a Youthsaver account:

  1. Apply online at
  2. Log on to your CommBank app (if you bank with CommBank)
  3. Visit any CommBank branch